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Versions of “Nobel” School of Mental Arithmetic and Emotional Intelligence have been operating for more than 5 years both in Georgia and for Georgian emigrants living abroad. And it’s been 1 year since the mental arithmetic online program was successfully introduced in Great Britain and foreign children are attending classes.


A school with children’s own unique approaches and selected teachers. “Nobel” is a place that exists for the mental and emotional development of children from a young age. The value of our house is the child – we believe that everyone is unique, unique and talented. That is why we try to help them discover and develop their own potential through them.


And for children and parents, we encourage them to continuously receive a lot of information that they can treat the upbringing of children and give them the best, but at the same time, very responsible role of childbirth.


“Nobel” is not only a center for studying mental arithmetic and emotional intelligence techniques. It is a space for their quiet and free development, where children feel happy.


How do we do it?


We monitor the children’s progress and take the child’s opinion into account
We listen to parents’ opinions and take them into account – you, the parents, are the people who, together with the students, make the school better. The goal of “Nobel” is to create a free and development-oriented atmosphere for children from the beginning.

By involving professionals, we take care of the continuous development of teachers – teaching is a responsible profession, which is learned many times – it is a continuous process, during which one must master professional techniques and give feedback to children, enriching one’s pedagogical approaches. We believe that what really a teacher should be able to do in a few months – should usually learn and develop, be empathic, a general individual approach to support students, support supports and help them overcome obstacles. It is with this quality that he gives preference in the selection of teachers.

What is mental arithmetic?


Mental Arithmetic is a specially designed exercise based on scientific knowledge about the brain and precisely designed to develop the areas of the brain responsible for the above skills.

Mental arithmetic contributes to the child’s mental development in the following ways:


🔸Analytical, logical and systematic thinking

🔸Perception of cause-and-effect relationships, reasoning

🔸Communicate fluently (speaking and writing)

🔸Quick memory (the ability to manipulate several concepts in the mind at the same time and perceive them together)

🔸Creativity and imagination

🔸Intuition and situational perception

The course is intended for children aged 4 to 15 years

What is emotional intelligence?


Emotional intelligence is an important skill that helps people understand exactly what they feel at specific moments and make the right decisions based on that in their personal and professional life. Studying and understanding emotions contributes to the process of self-awareness and regulation. Self-awareness helps the child maintain adequate self-esteem and overall well-being.


People with high emotional intelligence are more empathetic and can understand and help manage not only their own emotions, but also those of others. Consequently, they have good social skills and are easily able to establish healthy and solid relationships.


Emotional intelligence helps a person: cope with stress, communicate effectively, empathize with others, stay motivated and resolve conflicts.

These qualities play an important role in the path to professional or personal success – helping children to achieve their goals with fewer emotional obstacles.


The course is intended for children aged 4 to 15 years.

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